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Lifelong learning

Lifelong Learning includes all learning activities (education /  training / continuing education), undertaken throughout life, with the aim of improving knowledge, skills and competences within a personal, civic, social and / or employment-related (definition of the European Commission).

Continuous professional training is a right open to anyone for the entry into active life. It comes in the form of different devices that vary depending on training needs and status of beneficiaries. Continuous professional training is an individual right that allows anyone, once the entry into active life, to continue to train to improve their skills or acquire new skills or techniques. It is directed, through various devices, job seekers, employees, self-employed persons, youth, adults, or the recognized disabled workers. The Labour Code defines Lifelong Learning as a component of training throughout life.

Continuous professional training is to allow every person, regardless of their status, to acquire and update knowledge and skills promoting their professional development and to advance at least one level qualification during his professional life. It Includes initial training,  particular learning and further training, which is continuing vocational training, for adults and youth already engaged in employment or who engage in it. In addition, any person engaged in the working life is entitled to validate acquired experience, including professional or related to the exercise of trade union responsibilities "(Art. 6311-1 of the Labour Code).

The main financers of professional training

Companies, regions and the state are the main funders of vocational training in France. The state has special budgets that fund activities for young people (Civis benefits, 2nd chance schools, etc.) for jobseekers (AFPA subsidies, remuneration for uncompensated trainees by unemployment insurance , etc.), as well as employed (National employment Fund, etc.).

The regions participate in the financing of training through training activities, firstly towards job seekers, but also young people and employees. The law of 5 March 2014 has strengthened the decentralization process started in 2014, entrusting the regions a greater role in the financing of the training.

The European Union, through the European Social Fund contributes to the funding of Lifelong Learning.

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