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The University ULEMAS

An university is an institution which federates in its midst the production, conservation  and the transmission of different areas of knowledge. The university entrance is generally restricted to those who previously have a high school diploma.

The European Parliament last ten years, began a process of reflection and reform of academic standards and encourages more and more an alternative system of recognition of prior learning within the framework of the non-formal education with the Youth Pass which is a European tool for the recognition of non-formal learning for young people.

It is in an innovative and future-oriented context that the university Ulemas expands to greater accessibility and sharing of knowledge among a diverse audience to the social and cultural level. The methods used are those of the non-formal learning based on active participation and teamwork. There is an alternation of theoretical and practical training, the student participates actively in the learning process. No prerequisites diplomas are required to follow these courses wich are however accredited, and allow access to employment and entrepreneurship.

Non-formal learning

Non-formal learning is structured and is accompanied by objectives, it is carried out through workshops, seminars, courses organized by civil society through sports and cultural activities. The knowledge acquired through non-formal learning can now be officially recognized through the Youth Pass. In recent years, more and more organizations realize that all learning is important and begin to recognize non-formal learning as well as academic and institutional learning.

With the Youth Pass, participants in projects and training can describe what they have achieved and show what they have learned during a project or training, there is indeed a part of the European diploma which contains a self-assessment of prior experience.

The Youth Pass which is now valid in all countries of the European Union, now provides access to employment without having secondary and university education diploma. Certificates Youth Pass, as well as educational support process associated, are currently designed for Erasmus and Youth in Action projects. For now, they are available for Youth exchanges, European voluntary service projects and mobility of Youth workers. The Youth Pass will gradually be adapted and extended to other types of activity in Erasmus and Youth in Action.

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